Anita Ruangrotsakun

Hello! I'm Anita!

I am currently a Software Engineer at Momento where I am contributing to serverless infrastructure and increasing developer productivity.

I recently completed my master's degree in computer science at Oregon State University. The focus of my master's degree was a blend of Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning. I have also completed software engineering internships at Google, Leviton, and Stripe.

In my free time, I like reading, gaming, hanging out with my cats, and trying new cafes and boba shops in the PNW. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn !


M.S. at Oregon State University

March 2022 to September 2023

Accelerated Master's of Science in Computer Science in Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning. Advised by Dr. Minsuk Kahng (2021-22) and Dr. Will Braynen (2022-23).

B.S. at Oregon State University

September 2017 to March 2022

Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science (Systems option) with a Minor in Statistics.


Industry Experience

Software Engineer @ Momento

July 2023 to present, remote

As a Momento Software Engineer on the Developer Ecosystem Team, I help build client SDKs and example applications to provide an excellent developer experience for interfacing with Momento's serverless products.

Skills: AWS, Node.js, JavaScript, integration testing, open-source SDK releases

Software Engineering Intern @ Stripe

June to September 2022 in Seattle, WA

Internship at Stripe in Seattle on the JavaScript Infrastructure Team. I enhanced a widely-used, internal TypeScript library for collecting frontend analytics data to improve developer productivity. Now ~200 million analytics events traverse the upgraded library code paths everyday.

Skills: React, TypeScript, Splunk, unit testing, phased rollout

Software Engineering Intern @ Leviton

June to December 2021 in Tualatin, OR

Internship at Leviton. I worked on five projects over the course of six months and utilized a variety of technologies. An overview of some of the projects are in my final presentation .

Skills: Python, Flask, Keras, Tkinter, Lemur, AWS, Docker, Bash scripting, Yocto, MQTT

Engineering Practicum Intern @ Google

June to September 2019 in Mountain View, CA

Internship at Google on the Network Planner team . I worked on a web application and developed some full-stack features to allow users to upload CSVs and visualize geo-tagged data for the purposes of planning a shared spectrum ecosystem.

Skills: Angular, proto-buffers, C++, unit testing, data visualization

Academic Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant

March 2022 to present

As a teaching assistant, I proctor exams, grade assignments, hold office hours, and lead recitation sessions.

DIV Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant

July 2020 to March 2022

I helped develop interactive web browser interfaces for three explainable AI (XAI) papers using a variety of tools, such as Svelte, D3.js, Flask, NodeJS, SQL, and Docker. Please see Research for additional details.

College of Engineering Peer Tutor

November 2019 to March 2022

For up to 10 hours each week, I helped students design and debug their C, C++, Python, and/or JavaScript programs. I tutored for a variety of classes, including data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and web development.

URSA Undergraduate Research Assistant

February to June 2019

I worked with OSU's Human Machine Teaming Laboratory to transform five R scripts for processing swarm simulation data to Python to improve readability, modularity, and maintainability and to reduce runtime by over 50 percent. I also presented my work at OSU Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) in May 2019.

Extracurricular Experience

Future SWEs Club

November 2022 to June 2023

I attend weekly meetups to practice LeetCode problems and do mock interviews with fellow CS students who are also looking for software engineering jobs and internships.

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Student Association (AIGSA)

September 2022 to June 2023

I was a mentor in the Artificial Intelligence Application Support Program (AIASP). I volunteered to assist folks historically underrepresented in the field as they applied to AI graduate programs (M.S./Ph.D.) at OSU.

Engineers That REad (ETRE)

September 2020 to June 2023

ETRE is a community of students interested in discussing the role that engineering plays in systemic racism and a space to discuss how racialized topics shape our responsibilities as engineers. Each term, I help organize the book selection, club advertising, and meeting logistics in addition to participating in weekly, student-facilitated discussion groups.

Adaptive Technology Engineering Network (ATEN)

September 2018 to June 2023

I joined ATEN as a sophomore and have participated in annual STEM camps for kids with disabilities and client-based assistive technology projects. I have also been elected as club Treasurer and, later, club Secretary.


VIVA: Visual Exploration and Analysis of Videos with Interactive Annotation

Anita Ruangrotsakun, Dayeon Oh, Thuy-Vy Nguyen, Kristina Lee, Mark Ser, Arthur Hiew, Rogers Ngo, Zeyad Shureih, Roli Khanna, and Minsuk Kahng.

28th ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI'23), 2023. [doi] [pdf] [poster]

Skills: Flask, Python, Svelte, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, computer vision, writing

DendroMap: Visual Exploration of Large-Scale Image Datasets for Machine Learning with Treemaps

Donald Bertucci, Md Montaser Hamid, Yashwanthi Anand, Anita Ruangrotsakun, Delyar Tabatabai, Melissa Perez, and Minsuk Kahng.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (VIS'22), 2022. [arxiv] [doi]

Skills: Google Cloud Platform, Svelte, video editing, writing

Beyond Value: CheckList for Testing Inferences in Planning-Based RL

Kin-Ho Lam, Delyar Tabatabai, Jed Irvine, Donald Bertucci, Anita Ruangrotsakun, Minsuk Kahng, and Alan Fern.

32nd International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS'22), 2022. [arxiv] [doi]

Skills: Node.js, JSON, SQL, HTTP, Docker, Svelte, unit testing

"Why did my AI agent lose?": Visual Analytics for Scaling Up AAR/AI

Delyar Tabatabai, Anita Ruangrotsakun, Jed Irvine, Jonathan Dodge, Zeyad Shureih, Kin-Ho Lam, Margaret Burnett, Alan Fern, and Minsuk Kahng.

IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS'21), 2021. [doi] [pdf]

Skills: Python, JSON, Electron, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

"No Clear Winner" to an Effective XAI Process: An Empirical Journey

Jonathan Dodge, Andrew Anderson, Roli Khanna, Jed Irvine, Rupika Dikkala, Kin-Ho Lam, Delyar Tabatabai, Anita Ruangrotsakun, Zeyad Shureih, Minsuk Kahng, Alan Fern, and Margaret Burnett.

AI Letters 2021. [doi] [pdf]


Waste Image Classification

Skills: Python, pandas, numpy, PyTorch, scikit-learn, matplotlib

For my Machine Learning Challenges class project, I fine-tuned a ResNet-50 model to classify images of various categories of waste (cardboard, glass, metal, paper, plastic, and trash). I also identified three challenges that may affect the quality of the predictions and implemented several strategies to try to mitigate those challenges.

Unpaws the Music

Skills: React, Spotify API, Redux, Vercel, UI/UX Design, JavaScript

The main features of this React + Spotify API web app include a playlist combiner and an animated cat visualization determined by the music you've listened to in the last four weeks, six months, and all time.

One-Armed Cooking App

Skills: Figma, UI/UX Design, Inclusive Design, Cognitive Walkthroughs

My team and I practiced inclusive design by developing a One-ArmedMag in the style of GenderMag for people who do not have full functional use of both hands and arms. We developed Figma prototypes for three use cases: following a recipe, meal planning / in-app grocery shopping, and adjusting the level of adaptation presented by the app.

Last Stops: Travel Planner

Skills: Svelte, Vercel, Figma, Visual Analytics, Data Visualization, UI/UX Design, JavaScript

My team and I developed a visual analytics interface that allows people to create a bucket list of places in the US to visit before climate change ravages the landscape. We developed this web app using Svelte and a variety of climate risk projection data.

Leviton Internship Projects

Skills: Python, Lemur, Flask, Tkinter, Keras, Docker, AWS

My main project was to set up Lemur, a certificate management system created by Netflix, for generating and organizing TLS certificates and keys that will be used to secure some of Leviton's lighting systems. I also implemented some proof of concept applications using Tkinter and Flask for integration tests with other Leviton components.

Additionally, I completed several smaller projects over the course of my internship: I programmed lighting controllers to receive firmware updates over the air; I evaluated several automated web application vulnerability scanning tools; and I conducted initial investigations into whether a machine learning model trained on data collected from an ST Time of Flight sensor can be used for privacy-preserving people detection.

Redesigning VoTT

Skills: Figma, User Interviews, UI/UX Design, Human-Computer Interaction

My team and I redesigned the object detection labeling software, VoTT, for our Human-Computer Interaction term project. I helped organize and conduct user interviews and was a primary contributor to the Figma prototype.

Modeling Human Migration

Skills: R, Machine Learning, data visualization

For the ST 441 Probability, Computating, and Simulation in Statistics class, I tried to implement a much simpler, smaller version of of the work Caleb Robinson and Bistra Dilkina completed in "A Machine Learning Approach to Modeling Human Migration" using R.

EventMe: Event Planning App

Skills: Figma, User Interviews, UI/UX Design, Human-Computer Interaction

My team and I developed a prototype for an event planning app designed to make organizing club meetings much easier. I helped conduct a user interview with a club officer and played a primary role in developing the Figma prototype.

Fresh Value Groceries

Skills: SQL Database, Flask, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

My partner and I developed a website for a fictitious grocery store backed by a SQL database. We used the Bootstrap library to style the frontend.

Property Tycoon Game

Skills: C++, Object-Oriented Programming

As part of my introductory C++ and OOP class, I developed a command-line property tycoon game.


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