I’m a fourth-year student at Oregon State University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Statistics. I was recently accepted into OSU’s accelerated master’s program, so I expect to complete my bachelor’s in CS by March 2022 and my master’s in CS by June 2023. I’m currently most interested in learning more about machine learning, full stack development, and how to use tech for social good.

I am an undergraduate researcher with the Data Interaction and Visualization (DIV) Lab group at OSU which is lead by Dr. Minsuk Kahng. Over the course of the 2020-21 academic year, my capstone team and I helped Dr. Kahng develop a novel video searching and browsing web application that leverages a deep learning model in order to help users quickly and effectively analyze videos.

I have also previously worked with Dr. Karina Roundtree and Dr. Julie Adams from OSU's Human-Machine Teaming Lab as part of the URSA Engage program, which gave me my first opportunity to learn about how research is conducted at OSU.

In addition to research, I am also a peer tutor for OSU's College of Engineering and the Treasurer of the Adaptive Technology Engineering Network (ATEN) club. I have also helped to put together and host the Leading and Enabling Adolescent Futures in STEM (LEAFS) Program at OSU in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Beyond academics and extracurriculars, I have a little bit of industry experience from my internship at Google in 2019. As a Google Engineering Practicum intern, I worked on a web application for the Network Planner team to allow users to upload CSVs and visualize geo-tagged data for the purposes of planning a shared spectrum ecosystem.

As of summer 2021, I am a software engineering intern at Leviton.